A Christmas Affair

A Christmas Affair by Cora Davies

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A Christmas Affair. Book 1 in the Seaside Hope Romance Series.

You’re a hard woman to save Molly.
I thought you wanted me to save myself?

In high school they may have been voted Couple Most Likely to Last Forever, but after a prom night that ended in near tragedy, they have barely spoken a word to each other in ten years.

Molly’s favorite time of year is Christmas. But, between running a business, her role on the Dickens Christmas Village Council, and dealing with Jack’s unwillingness to do his part for Main Street over the holidays, Molly is on the verge of a breakdown. On top of all that, she misses her long distance boyfriend. If only she could stop getting lost in Jack’s green eyes every time she sees him. …

Jack thinks Christmas is only for the overindulgent and spoiled. He has plans to sell his bar and leave Seaside Cove in his dust. Molly is only distracting him from following his plans with all of her Dickens Council nonsense. Not to mention the way she chews on her bottom lip when she is mad at him…

When a stranger comes to town and reminds them there may not always be a tomorrow, Jack and Molly are forced to face their past. But will they be able to resist their temptations for each other and follow out with their own plans?

Just the right mix of sweet and steamy, Jack and Molly’s story of second chances is filled with love, laughter, tears, and suspense.

A Christmas Affair is a full-length standalone novel.

***Due to sexual content this book is recommended to be read by 17+ audience only.***